Individual & Family Support

The Individual and Family Support Program assists individuals and their families by:

Providing information and resources to navigate complex systems

Assisting families with Persons with Disabilities (PWD) application, BC benefits, transition issues, Old Age Security (OAS), Medical Service Plan (MSP), consent issues and individual rights, and employee rights

Assisting with advocacy

Providing opportunities for development through groups and networking

Assist individuals in making & registering Representation Agreements

Providing awareness regarding current disability issues and changes in legislation

BC Ministry of Health COVID 19 Hospital Visitation Policy:

Nidus COVID 19 October Meeting Information:

The Family Support program uses an individualized approach focusing on the unique strengths and needs of each person.

The program offers both family and self advocate monthly meetings bringing families together to support and network with one another and to increase their skills through training opportunities.

The Family Support Worker is a contracted service with the MSA Society for Community Living which supports families and self advocate groups in several communities within the Fraser Valley.

For more information, please contact:

Amber McGill

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