Our Services

Find out how we can serve you

Below are a list of our professional services that we offer at MSA. If you are in need of some guidance, we are more than happy to help. Take a look to find out exactly how we can best service you and your family.

Community Inclusion

Offering an opportunity for our Individuals to have a sense of belonging, develop relationships and become involved in their community.

Home Share

Inviting Adults with Disabilities to share their home providing a place where individuals feel valued and experience a genuine sense of belonging.

Residential Alternative Care Homes

We offer comfortable homes with well trained staff who are delighted to walk beside each individual as they journey through their lives.

Individual and Family Support Program

Providing information and resources to navigate complex systems, and providing awareness regarding current disability issues and changes in legislation.

Life Skills

Coming Soon.

Why choose MSA

MSA foundation of service is built on developing relationships with Individuals and their network of social and professional support.

MSA embraces a “Person-Centered Thinking” philosophy with a deeply held belief that everyone has the right to self-direct and have positive control over their own lives.

What You Get

Our staff are passionate, creative, and committed, embracing a “Person-Centered Thinking” approach to support and walk along side adults and youth as they explore and engage in activities that are important to them.

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