MSA Society for Community Living

2391 Crescent Way

Abbotsford, BC V2S 3M1

Phone: 604-852-6800


MSA Society for Community Living provides a number of services throughout Abbotsford. If you would like more information, please contact:


General Inquiries 604-852-6800 ext. 102
Julie Pariseau Executive Director   604-852-6800 ext. 102
LaVerne Nickel Director of Quality Assurance   604-852-6800 ext. 103
Margaret Fair Manager of Human Resources   604-852-6800 ext. 125
James Schanick Financial Administrator   604-852-6800 ext. 101
Shelly Talbot-Clout Programs Manager   604-852-6800 ext. 106
Melissa Cooper Day Services Coordinator   604-864-9698
Tami Dalpadado Day Services Coordinator   604-852-6800 ext. 104
Arlene Schouten Family Support   604-556-0681